2017 Conference Event Track


All general and concurrent sessions are open to all attendees and have no specific prerequisites to attend.  However, it is recommended that participants have a general knowledge of the subject matter being presented either through formal education and classes or work experience.  The sessions are formatted in a group setting and are geared towards intermediate level learning.  In keeping with the "green initiative," paper handouts for each session will not be distributed but will be available for downloading from the website to your laptop or other mobile device.  Speaker presentations will be available closer to the conference.  If the name of the session is highlighted, this is a hyperlink to an electronic copy of the presentation.

The 2017 Conference has been approved up to 15.2 CTP recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals and approved for up to 10.4 FP&A recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals.



                                             2017 Carolinas Cash Adventure Schedule

Below is a high level description of each session.

All sessions are held in Kensington D & E Conference Rooms.

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    Sunday Afternoon

Registration - 5:00 to 7:00 - Harrow Room

(corner of Westminster & Cambridge Halls - next to normal conference rooms)


Monday Morning Sessions

Session 1  (8:00 - 9:00)

Economic Update

Richard Kaglic - Federal Reserve Bank

During this session, Richard will talk about what the broad measures of economic and financial activity say about the current state, as well as what it might mean for the near term outlook. He will also be presenting an assessment of both North and South Carolina's economic vitality focusing on recent economic trends in the region as viewed through data on labor markets, industry, household spending, and other measures. He will discuss what the data may imply for the region's near term future and its associated impact from a business, banking and Treasury perspective.


Sessions 2a and 2b (9:15 - 10:15)

Smart Safes - What's the Smartest Option?

Chris Block - SafeDeposit

Smart Safes and access to provisional credit are gaining momentum in the retail marketing place. Businesses wishing to handle cash more efficiently and banks that wish to provide a remote cash deposit service have an increasingly diverse range of options. Technology and creative minds are changing the landscape and challenging conventionality. We will talk to a practitioner and a banker who both recently explored their options regarding Smart Safes and related services get some insight as to what they took away from the process.

Cash Investing in the Post SEC Money Market Reform World

Scott Wachs - Morgan Stanley

SEC Money Market Reform has changed the landscape for short term investing. As a result, institutional cash investors have been facing a number of new challenges investing and diversifying their cash holdings. This session will explore the enduring impact money market reform has had on the short term markets. It will also examine the evolution of products and investor reaction to these new products and features. This session will also touch on the recently announced European Money Market Fund Reform and how that differs from the United States.


Sessions 3a and 3b (10:30 - 11:30)

ERP Systems and Impact to Treasury

Sandy Saxer - PNC Bank Retiree

Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") systems dominate Corporate infrastructures. Within the financial world, SAP, Oracle and others have long been the standards for large corporate installations. More recently, the use of "Cloud" based "software as a service" has introduced a number of mid-level ERPs such as Net Suite and Microsoft Dynamic AX. This session will discuss how these systems impact the Treasury management of working capital, the reasons for their popularity, and illustrate some of the issues to be considered when deploying these platforms.

Consolidation & Business Evolution in the Banking Industry Since 2008 

Robert Hajduch - US Bankcorp Asset Management

Rob will discuss the domestic banking sector and the tactics the industry is using to increase revenue, decrease operational expenses, and battle some of the headwinds it is facing. He will examine recent bank consolidation and explore some of the media's reports on commercial bank earnings and why there may not be as much "doom and gloom" as some outlets would indicate.


Luncheon Keynote Speaker (11:30 - 1:15)

Shane Boyd

Speed Bumps in the Mind:  How to Conquer the Five Most Common Mental Speed Bumps That Prevent Wealth, Health, and Happiness

During his discussion, Shane will identify the five basic mental blocks (speed bumps) that prevent people from achieving the wealth, health and happiness most everyone wants. The five basic mental blocks that Shane has identified through his years of research are as follows: 1) Indifference 2) Denial 3) Fear 4) Confusion 5) Apathy. During his discussion, Shane will unravel each of these common mental blocks (speed bumps) and show the audience how to overcome them using simple, but underused, methods that have been around for centuries.


Monday Afternoon Sessions

Sessions 4 (1:30 - 2:30)

Optimizing Your Liquidity Through Cash Segmentation

Michael Morin - Fidelity Investments

This session will offer insight on managing corporate liquidity and the critical role cash segmentation can play now that the recent money market regulatory changes are in place. In this new environment and in the light of upcoming Basel III deadlines and short-term rate uncertainty, corporate treasurers need investing strategies for their operating cash. While bank deposits and government money market funds are likely to continue to be popular options, the main focus of the presentation is cash segmentation - allocating cash balances into multiple "buckets" of operating and strategic liquidity. He will discuss this strategy in detail, focusing on how it can allow corporate treasurers to take advantage of a wider array of solutions, including conservative ultra-short bond funds and separately managed accounts.

Session 5a and 5b (2:45 - 3:45)

Connect and Collect:  Driving Collections and Improving AR Efficiency

Brittney Keating & Emily Otto- Wells Fargo Bank

Technology has dramatically changed how we do business today and will continue to change in the future. No matter your industry, your customers expect to interact with you anytime, anywhere and through any channel. In this session, we will discuss best practices for connecting with your customers through different channels and collecting your accounts receivables more efficiently and faster.

Want to Increase Export Sales and/or Improve Foreign Vendor Pricing? Consider Foreign Currency Payments

Kim Pace & John Gurney - First Tennessee

During this session, Kim and John will discuss foreign currency payments and methods to mitigate currency risk through hedging hedging instruments such as forward contracts. Additionally, this session will highlight (1) how offering to sell products and/or services in a buyer's currency can potentially increase sales and (2) how paying in a vendor's currency can potentially decrease expenses. Lastly, they will discuss risk mitigation considerations related to sending wire transfers.


Tuesday Morning Sessions

Session 6a and 6b (8:00 - 9:00)

Today's Treasurer:  The Real Financial Super Hero

Allison Flexer - Vizant

This session will expand on how the role of the Corporate Treasurer has expanded from its historical core functions and evolved into a strategic, value added function. This session will address the standard core functions of the office of the Treasurer and show how these functions have grown due to a change in the business landscape, the proliferation of regulations and the rapid advancement of technology. Ms. Flexer will discuss how Corporate Treasurers can respond to these changes by introducing efficiencies and enhancing technology to create an operationally mature and highly functioning finance office that adds strategic value to the entire business.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall - Reflecting your Personal Brand in the Workplace

Claire Masino-Alesiani - TD Bank

What Does your brand say about you? What are the best ways to market your personal brand? Attend this session to explore Personal Brand Awareness and ways to enhance and promote a positive brand at work. Participants will be encouraged to respond via on-the spot polling, and group discussion to explore the roll of social media and best practices leveraging personal development plans at work to enhance and improve their personal brand.


Sessions 7a and 7b (9:15 - 10:15)

Boost Your Bank Relationship ROI

Adrienne Terpak - TD Bank

Are you getting the most out of your banking relationships? We'll discuss how to improve communication with your banks and ensure a meaningful discussion when you meet. With Treasury's expanded role and limited resources, learn how to maximize your time with banking partners and leverage their expertise with industry verticals, technology, market knowledge, and innovation. Your bank is a built-in trusted adviser who can benefit your business operations and ultimately boost your relationship ROI.

                Yikes!  They Really Are Out to Get Us!  How to Protect Yourself from Commercial Cyber Crime and Identity Theft

Nicholas "Nick" Ritter - Fifth Third Bank

Cyber is everywhere.  From work, to banking, to social life, even home appliances are connected.  While this offers tremendous opportunities for agility, convenience, and productivity, it also introduces an element of risk.  In this presentation, we will discuss the real risks versus hype (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt - "FUD") and steps individuals and businesses can take to protect themselves.


Sessions 8a and 8b (10:30 - 11:30)

Streamline Business Processes and Save Money With Commercial Prepaid Solutions

Kyle Ruschman - VANTIV

Businesses today are utilizing commercial prepaid cards to replace and/or streamline numerous daily processes. Companies have experienced dramatic savings in time, cost and effort by implementing a prepaid program to replace checks and/or cash disbursements. Expensive processing of escheatment and check replacement are absorbed and managed by the prepaid processing company. Financial security is increased by allowing businesses full visibility into their card programs, and complete flexibility to administer and make any necessary changes. Learn how to implement your own program and achieve the associated benefits.

Core and Emerging Payment Technologies: Where Will They Fit in the Corporate Payments Spectrum?

Everette Glass - Bank of America

This session will be an introduction to emerging payment technologies and how they are changing the world of payments. Topics and details covered during this session will include the following: 1) Macro trends and how they are driving global payments innovation 2) The regulatory forces that are shaping and pushing businesses to produce "faster payments" 3) The rise of digital payments 4) Exploring new models for global payments such as blockchain.


Lunch - Regional Meetings (11:30 - 12:30)

Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

Session 9a and 9b (12:45 - 1:45)

A Practitioner's Perspective: Dodd Frank Gets Trumped

Geoffrey Duke - Safe Deposit

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on February 3, 2017, tasking Secretary of the Treasury to consult with members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council and report to the President within 120 days how existing laws and regulations promote or inhibit the enforcement of the administration's Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System. As we near June 3rd, what are the likely actions the Trump Administration will take in regards to Dodd-Frank regulations?

Panel Discussion:  Developing Your FX Risk Management Strategy

John Weaver, Jace Webb, Duncan Muil  - Bank of America

Given the uncertainty in the currency markets, prudent and disciplined management of FX exposures is increasingly important. In this session, John will focus on best practices around identifying and quantifying FX risk, and also the selection and evaluation of various hedges.


Sessions 10 (2:00 - 3:00)

                                     Update on Same Day ACH Implementation and                                               Results of the Federal Reserve's Triannual Payments Study

Gary Nesbitt and Sims Propst

Same Day ACH was implemented in September 2016. What has the industry seen as results and what can we expect for Phase Two and Three? The Federal Reservce conducts a survey every three years to determine trends in payment type usage (e.g. check, ACH, and card). Latest results will be provided and discussed.


Tuesday Nite Event

Networking Social (6:00 - 7:00)

Dinner and Entertainment (7:00 - 10:00)

Wednesday Morning Sessions

Sessions 11 & 12 (8:30 - 11:30)

Annual Technology Update

Rob Hickson

Rob Hickson joins us again this year to close our event bringing his unique perspective and discussion of all things technology. If you've seen him before, you know that sleeping is not an option as he will cover numerous technology topics in a fast paced, energized delivery.

This year Rob's topics include: Internet Security for PC's; Internet Security for Mobile Devices; Is Alexa Spying on You?; Has the Cord Finally Been Cut?; The Connected Home: Goodbye Hub; Do You Need a 3D Printer?; PC and Mobile Buyer's Guide and Wireless Earbuds. He will cover the most up to date information on hardware, software, mobile devices, fraud, scams, and fraud protection related to electronic business environments and e-commerce, which are all of relevant interest to treasury professionals

Rob always includes a list of the top questions he receives from participants along with detailed answers, advice and plenty of audience discussion.

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